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Here's how we've made some of our customers' lives happier. If you are trying to decide if hiring a janitorial company is worth the expense, read on!

We Make Your Bank Sparkle: More Tips

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In our last blog about specialized cleaning for banks, we introduced five important tips to achieve a truly sparkling, clean bank. In today's post, we look at another five important tips to ensure a welcoming and healthy environment.

  1. Training: Facility Care Janitorial provides specific training for our employees regarding the bank environment.

  2. Work Audits: We also conduct regular inspections of our staff's work to ensure GREAT commercial cleaning results. Jim and his managers provide continual audits of the commercial cleaning work performed by their staff. This keeps the staff fully trained in the very best commercial cleaning techniques for that customer.

  3. Background checks:  Each staff member of Facility Care Janitorial services undergoes strict scrutiny of their background and experience before we hire them. A complete OSBI background check is completed before the person is hired. This helps to ensure trustworthiness.

  4. Consistency: Rather than a rotating roster of cleaning people coming to your office, Jim believes in continuity of care for his clients. To fulfill Jim's vision for the very best commercial cleaning in Oklahoma, he assigns his cleaning staff to consistent locations. As you can imagine, this products the top notch results Jim and his clients are looking to achieve.

  5. Teller Stations and Counters: Thorough cleaning and disinfection of stations, including countertops, transaction windows, glass surfaces, and certain types of equipment is necessary to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of germs. AND -- to make sure that teller stations provide a welcoming and sparkling environment for your bank customers.

In a following post, we'll look at another group of important tips to MAKE YOUR BANK SPARKLE.

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Who's REALLY Cleaning Your Office?

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Who's REALLY cleaning your offices?? I mean, you hired a commercial cleaning company based upon the person's appearance you were talking with and the company's commercial cleaning contract, but do you ACTUALLY KNOW who will be coming into your offices or building during off hours? During the time when no one else is there? Who will actually be coming? What will they be doing while they are there -- other than cleaning?

Am I sounding a bit paranoid? Not really - just take a moment to think about it...when you sign a commercial cleaning contract, you actually do go on trust.

To minimize the risk and maximize the security to your offices, ask if they perform OSBI checks and background checks on their cleaning staff. Even better: GET IT IN WRITING.

ALL commercial cleaning staff SHOULD be fully cleared by background checks and OSBI checks. Facility Care Commercial Cleaning does this! We carefully and thoroughly check out all employees.

BUT WAIT - that's not all: we do unscheduled checks on our employees' work.

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