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Capable, experienced cleaning of buildings even up to 1,500,000 square feet!
Typical average size of building we clean is 50,000 square feet.

Meet Your Facility Care Janitorial Services Team

 Facility Care Janitorial Services

Since 1983, Facility Care, Inc. has been providing businesses in the Oklahoma City Metro Area with top-notch commercial janitorial services.

They work with great precision, pride of service, and transparency. Facility Care Janitorial Services currently provides commercial cleaning services to all areas around the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Metro.

James OsborneMeet the Facility Care Janitorial Services Owner

James Osborne first began his professional janitorial service career in 1983.

His first customers were banks in Oklahoma. He is uniquely suited to provide commercial cleaning services for the special cleaning needs that banks require. From there, he extended his company's janitorial services to other types of businesses and schools. When you call in for a quote: you'll get to talk with either him or his manager -- not some sales person whose job it is to sell you the moon! Instead, you'll get straight, honest talk from a reputable janitorial service.

James Osborne is also active in the South Oklahoma City Chamber, helping to sponsor their newsletter.

Meet the Facility Care Janitorial Services Staff

The staff for Facility Care, Inc. is bonded and insured. They must undergo strict scrutiny of their background and services before Jim will hire them. Each staff member undergoes an OSBI background check. Additionally, Jim and his managers provide continual audits of the janitorial work performed by their staff. This keeps the staff fully trained in the very best commercial cleaning techniques for that customer. Rather than a rotating roster of cleaning people coming to your office, Jim believes in continuity of care for his clients. To fulfill Jim's vision for the very best janitorial services in Oklahoma, he assigns his cleaning staff to consistent locations. As you can imagine, this products the top notch results Jim and his clients are looking to achieve.

Meet the Facility Care Janitorial Services Client Types

From Banks to Churches, medical to industrial facilities, telemarketing to shipping, to insurance agencies --- Facility Care Janitorial specializes in learning the very best approaches and techniques for cleaning YOUR facility.

Facility Care Janitorial is NOT a franchise, but a local Oklahoma Business. They do, however, provide local janitorial services for franchises.

Our Oklahoma Locations Serviced

We serve Ada, Bethany, Blanchard, Chickasha, Del City, Duncan, Durant, Edmond, Guthrie, Midwest Cisty, Mustang, New Castle, Norman, North Oklahoma City, South Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Piedmont, Yukon -- and more! What's more, is we strive to hire staff from those locations so they are able to quickly meet any special janitorial needs and get to their service facilities even in bad free giftweather.

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Rave Reviews & Testimonials

Best company I have ever used. We have a large building with multiple floors and Facility Care was able to cover all our floors with no problem at all. Everything was the cleanest it has been in years. Definitely plan to stick with Facility Care. Best company yet

John C.