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    We're so excited about the services and quality of work we do for our clients, that we want to make sure we can help YOUR business look sparkling clean and professional.

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    Get a Great Gift with a Commercial Cleaning Contract.

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    Our Standard Contract is a 2 year contract.

    And, there's a guarantee! Here's how it works for you.

    After the first 90 days, if you are not satisfied with our commercial cleaning, send us a written cancellation letter and we will cancel it after 30 days notice. BUT - part of our guarantee, is that you call us and let us know if you are unhappy with something. In that way, we have the opportunity to do a good job for you.

  • Welcome to Facility Care Commercial Cleaning



    Welcome to Facility Care Commercial Cleaning Services.
    We offer professional, experienced cleaning for Oklahoma businesses.

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    Just call us. We are reliable.

    If we say we'll do it - WE DO IT!

    You'll come in Monday to a CLEAN OFFICE environment - no hassles!


    Our Staff Gives Your Commercial Office Great Attention to Detail!

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    Facility Care Commercial Cleaning Offers Complete, Expert Commercial Cleaning Services Including: