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At Facility Care Janitorial Service we put quality and service into everything we do. It means so much to us when our clients and colleagues give us a rave review or testimonial. Below, find some of the positive feedback we've received over the decades. If you'd wish a client reference list, please do not hesitate to ask us.

You may use the form at the bottom of the page to submit YOUR testimonial and review. We thank you for it!

-James Osborn and all of us at Facility Care Janitorial Service

I worked for facility care since March of 2003. Jim Osborne is a good man to work for. He also has a good supervisor on his team.

Andrew W.
Posted By: Andrew W.
Janitor for Facility Care, Oklahoma City
Facility Care Inc. has been our janitorial service for more than 5 years now. Great service and employees. Keep up the good work!
Posted By: Jay M.
Best company I have ever used. We have a large building with multiple floors and Facility Care was able to cover all our floors with no problem at all. Everything was the cleanest it has been in years. Definitely plan to stick with Facility Care. Best company yet
Posted By: John C.
When the time came for my company to employ a new janitorial service for our office, we chose Jim Osborne and Facility Care. We have never had a janitorial service that goes above and beyond our expectations. I would strongly recommend Jim and his team for any janitorial needs.
Posted By: Michael B
Norman, OK
When my partners and I purchased an occupied medical building, it was our choice to continue with the current janitorial service or switch to a new one. Prior to purchasing the building, my property management company managed this building and their tenants. Because of the past performance by Facility Care, the decision was easy. Because this is a medical facility, trust and propriety are key elements in employing a janitorial service. Jim and his crew have my total trust and have been very responsive when needed. The few times a concern has arisen, Jim had his management team on-site within the hour. Every time, the issue was caused by no fault of theirs. I would highly recommend Jim Osborne and his team at Facility Care.
Posted By: Charles N
Norman, OK
I've known Jim for over 40 years. A few years ago when it was time to replace the janitorial service at our office, I immediately thought of Jim. Facility Care's bid was lower than what we had been paying and the bid included more services. We've had the pleasure of working with Jim for over three years and not once has there been an issue and, no, you cannot have our cleaning lady. Not only is Jim an honest and forthright owner, his employees are also. I would highly recommend Jim and Facility Care for your janitorial needs.
Posted By: Cheryle Presley
Norman, OK
Know Jim for over 10 years. Honest, Hard Working..... A company is only as good as the owner.
I've known James Osborn and his company for over a decade and am proud to say how reliable, professional, and diligent his janitorial services are. He takes exceptional care of his clients. Part of the obvious testimonial to his professionalism is the number of clients who've retained his janitorial services for decades!
Well done, James!
Posted By: Barbara C

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