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Complete Commercial Cleaning Services for Oklahoma

24491125 sBecause Facility Care janitorial services has been providing janitorial services for Oklahoma businesses since 1987, they know the very best way to provide cleaning services for businesses.

Facility Care's janitorial services offer trusted, value-packed, and flexible service plans which are designed to meet your specific needs.

Facility Care provides expert janitorial service for even customized floor cleaning and interior window cleaning (with contract).

With meticulous, thorough cleaning, we know you'll be pleased with their services. Our cleaning professionals are curteous and respectful of your time and facility.

Keeping your commercial property neat and clean is part of maintaining your facility, improving staff productivity, and providing a welcoming place for customers and clients. Our skilled staff know how to throughly clean your commercial property or office.

Facility Care goes out of their way to do the very best job at the best rates. They value your business and your happiness with their work.


Professional Commerical Janitorial services for Oklahoma Businesses


Specializing in Janitorial Facility Care for
Medical & Industrial Facilities


Professional  Janitorial  Services with specialized experience in cleaning Banks & Schools


Experienced Facility Janitorial Care for Telemarketing and Insurance Facilities