Facility Care Janitorial Solves Your Janitorial Problems

Here's how we've made some of our customers' lives happier. If you are trying to decide if hiring a janitorial company is worth the expense, read on!
James Osborn, Owner

Janitorial Bid requests

Facility Care provides janitorial service state wide with a few in Texas. Our average building size is 50M sf to 200000 ft. However we do have many smaller facilities. As small as 2500 sf. 


Please contact us anytime for a free proposal. No matter of your size or location. 


405 672-3500 or 1-800-672-3697 or by e-mail at this web site. 

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James Osborn, Owner

Building specifications

We receive many quote requests for carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning etc. However we can do all this work but only when we provide the building a janitorial service. Most of our buildings are 2500sf or larger. A few are over 700,000 sf each. 

We are staffed and equipped to handle any facility no matter how large. Some have multiple locations for the same client. We provide a discount for these multiple sites. 

Please call or e-mail us your requirements.  

No charge or obligation for any proposal. No matter of the location. 

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James Osborn, Owner


We discovered a while ago that if you are having a problem with cleaning floor grout any product with a percentage of hydrogen peroxide will do the trick. After a few cleanings you will notice the grout releasing the stain. 

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James Osborn, Owner

Brick Pavers

Many of todays buildings have entry ways where the surface is a brick paver, concrete or another rought surface. The client wants it to look like its been waxed but yet you cannot. A product is made called Plaza that is great for these applications. Easily applied and maintained. 

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James Osborn, Owner

Many of our accounts require nightly floor cleaning. This includes removal of minor scuffs on their vinyl tile floors.   Many years ago I learned that by simply putting a tennis ball on the end of the mop stick (wet of dry) and simply rubbing the scuff it would come up.


Professional Commerical Janitorial services for Oklahoma Businesses


Specializing in Janitorial Facility Care for
Medical & Industrial Facilities


Professional  Janitorial  Services with specialized experience in cleaning Banks & Schools


Experienced Facility Janitorial Care for Telemarketing and Insurance Facilities